Book Lender Review 2021: The Best Way to Share Books With Your Friends

Book Lender Review 2021: BookLender is an online rental service for paperback, children’s and audiobooks, offering subscribers access to more than 250,000 titles. The company offers a variety of subscription plans.

Book Lender Review 2021


What is BookLender

BookLender allows users to share their favorite books with friends and family. For a monthly subscription fee, users receive the latest titles from New York Times Bestselling authors, audiobooks, children’s books, and more. Users can also request specific books from the platform to borrow at their convenience. The company features an in-house editorial staff that curates top titles based on user ratings and demand. BookLender also provides secure borrowing with 24/7 customer support, custom print and shipment options, and a 90-day return policy. Who is it For? BookLender is primarily marketed to readers with small budgets. With subscriptions starting at $4.99 per month, users have access to a wide range of books for short periods of time.

Who Should Use BookLender

BookLender targets two customer groups: frequent borrowers and BookLender ENABLE members, which can manage their subscription accounts. For frequent borrowers, BookLender provides easy access to thousands of titles with low monthly payments. For subscription members, it provides easy management and new titles every month. BookLender is made available to subscribers for a single-book rental, with one additional rental at a subsidized rate if one is needed. BookLender makes money on the successful subscription renewals of its regular customers. It uses the subscription renewal transactions to purchase titles in bulk, while relying on large discounts to support the rental portion of its business.

The Benefits of BookLender

The price to subscribe to BookLender is based on how long a customer wants to have access to a book for. Most of the time, subscribers have access to books for up to 30 days, but if a book is required by a class or work session, it can be longer. Once a book is rented, customers can decide whether or not to return it. The cost depends on the condition of the book, including condition of pages, wear and tear and whether or not there’s a first-edition on it. BookLender offers a one-year pass and a 3-year pass to anyone that provides their student ID. When to Sign Up for BookLender BookLender is most useful for students who are constantly moving or who only have access to limited book libraries in the classroom. It also is a great way to share books with your friends.

How to Join BookLender

When you sign up, you can choose which level of book subscription plan you wish to subscribe to. BookLender offers either three months for $15.99 or six months for $24.99. BookLender provides members with their first three titles free of charge, and thereafter members must purchase an additional book at the standard price of $10. Sign Up for BookLender Skyrocket Press Skyrocket Press is an online marketplace that allows authors to sell their books. How to Join Skyrocket Press Sign up for the Skyrocket Press free trial to download an email plugin. Your account will be auto-created if you don’t do this. Then you can link your Amazon book sales to the Skyrocket Press and other sales portals, and start adding all your inventory.


Book Lender is a great alternative to Netflix or Hulu. The service is free to use and offers more than the average subscription service.

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