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Current Affairs Quiz 15 | 25/05/2020 | Check Now

Current Affairs Quiz 15: The current affairs quiz 15 in is going to help you to stay updated in daily current affairs which are useful for most of the Government Jobs 2020.

Current Affairs Quiz 15


1.Who will soon take charge as the Chairman of WHO’s Executive Board?
a)Harsh Vardhan
b)PM Narendra Modi 
c)S Jaishankar
d)Nirmala Sitharaman

Answer: a)Harsh Vardhan

Explanation: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan will be appointed as the Chairman of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board on May 22, 2020. Harsh Vardhan is expected to succeed Japan’s Dr. Hiroki Nakatani, who is the current Chairman of the 34-member board. 

2. The center has announced how much compensation for the families of those who died during the devastating Cyclone Amphan?
a)Rs 50,000
b)Rs 1 lakh
c)Rs 1.5 lakh
d)Rs 2 lakh

Answer: d)Rs 2 lakh

Explanation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Rs 2 lakh as compensation to the next of kin of those who have lost their lives during his visit to West Bengal to assess the damage caused by Cyclone Amphan.

3. Which nation has announced its intention of withdrawing itself from the Open Skies Treaty?

Answer: d)US 

Explanation: US President Donald Trump announced on May 21, 2020 that he plans to withdraw the United States from Open Skies Treaty with Russia. The 18-year-old treaty was signed to improve military transparency and confidence between the two superpowers.

4. Cabinet has approved extension of Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana till when?
a)March 2023
b)February 2022
c)December 2021
e)May 2023

Answer: a)March 2023

Explanation: The Union Cabinet has approved the extension of Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) for three more years beyond March 31, 2020 till March 31, 2023. The move is aimed at ensuring old age income security for Senior Citizens.

5.The central government has declared how many cities as five-star garbage-free cities?

Answer: a)Six

Explanation: The central government has declared six cities as five-star garbage-free cities. The cities include Ambikapur, Rajkot, Surat, Mysore, Indore and Navi Mumbai. Besides this, 65 cities were given 3 stars and 70 cities were rated with one star.

6.General Atlantic will invest Rd 6600 crore in Reliance Jio to pick up how much stake?
a)2.45 percent
b)1.34 percent
c)3.90 percent
d)7.76 percent 

Answer: b)1.34 percent

Explanation: General Atlantic, a US investment firm, has decided to invest around Rs 6600 crore in Jio Platforms for a 1.34% stake. This deal will take the total investment in Jio Platforms to a combined total of ₹67,194.75 crore from the four investments. 

7.Which nation has included disputed territories of Kalapani, Lipulekh, and Limpiyadhura in its new map?

Answer: c)Nepal

Explanation: Nepal’s new political map shows Kalapani, Lipulekh, and Limpiyadhura under Nepal’s territory. The new map was approved by Nepal’s Cabinet recently. The endorsement comes amid Nepal’s border dispute with India.

8.The United States issued a statement condemning which nation’s exclusion from the World Health Assembly?
a)South Korea
c)North Korea

Answer: d)Taiwan

Explanation: The United States has condemned Taiwan’s exclusion from the World Health Assembly. The US Secretary of State, Michael R Pompeo accused WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of choosing not to invite Taiwan under pressure from the People’s Republic of China in a press statement issued on May 18, 2020. 

9.Benny Gantz was sworn in as the alternate Prime Minister of which nation?
c)South Korea

Answer: a)Israel

Explanation: Benjamin Netanyahu-led government was sworn into office in Israel on May 17, 2020 ending almost a year and half of divisive politics that saw three deadlocked elections. Benny Gantz, Netanyahu’s rival-turned partner, took his oath of office as the alternate prime minister and future prime minister.

10. World’s first major football league resumed its season post-COVID-19 lockdown in which among the following countries?

Answer: d)Germany 

Explanation: Germany’s Bundesliga is the world’s first major sports competition and Europe’s first major football league to resume its season post nationwide lockdown imposed to contain coronavirus pandemic. The football league kickstarted its remaining matches of the 2019-20 season from May 16, 2020.



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