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Current Affairs Quiz 8 | 09/05/2020 | Check Now

Current Affairs Quiz 8: The current affairs quiz 8 in is going to help you to stay updated in daily current affairs which are useful for most of the Government Jobs 2020.

Current Affairs Quiz 8


1.Dia Mirza’s term as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador till when?

Answer: a)2022

Explanation: Bollywood actress Dia Mirza’s term as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador has been extended till 2022. Mirza is also a United Nations Sustainability Development Goals Advocate.

2. What is the name of Iran’s existing currency?

Answer: (b) Rial

Explanation: Iranian lawmakers voted on May 4, 2020 to change Iran’s national currency from ‘rial’ to ‘toman’. Under the amended law, the existing currency of Iran will continue to remain valid alongside “toman” for two years, during which the old coins and bills will be gradually collected to replace them with new ones.

3.Which bank has hiked home loan rates linked to repo rate by up to 30 basis points?
d)Canara Bank

Answer: b) SBI

Explanation: The State Bank of India, which is the country’s largest lender, has increased its home loan rates linked to repo rate up to 30 basis points amid market indications of rising credit risk amid coronavirus pandemic. 

4.US firm Vista Equity Partners will be investing Rs 11,367 cr in which Indian company?
a)Reliance Jio
b)Bharti Airtel

Answer: a)Reliance Jio

Explanation: Vista Equity Partners, a US-based firm will soon invest Rs 11,367 crore into Reliance Jio Platforms for a 2.32 percent stake. This will make Vista the largest investor in Jio Platforms, only behind Reliance Industries and Facebook. 

5. Which state has suspended major labor laws till 1000 days to attract investment?
a)Madhya Pradesh
b)Uttar Pradesh

Answer: b)Uttar Pradesh

Explanation: The Uttar Pradesh government has suspended most of its labour laws for three years to attract investment and help both existing and new industrial units. 

6. When is World Thalassemia Day observed?
a)May 8th 
b)May 7th 
c)May 9th 
d)May 6th 

Answer: a)May 8th

Explanation: The World Thalassemia Day is observed on May 8. The day aims to create awareness about Thalassemia and avoid the disease from transmitting to other people. 

7.When does the UN mark “Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War?
a)May 6-7
b)April 29-30
c)May 8-9
d)May 1-2

Answer: c)May 8-9

Explanation: The United Nations marks the Time of Remembrance and reconciliation for those who lost their lives during the Second World War every year on May 8-9. The day tribute to all the victims of the Second World War. This is also marked as the historic event, as it paved the way for the establishment of the United Nations.

8.Telangana has imposed how much fine for not wearing masks in public places?
a)Rs 5000
b)Rs 3000
c)Rs 2000
d)Rs 1000

Answer: d)Rs 1000

Explanation: The Telangana government has issued an order imposing a fine worth Rs 1000 for not wearing masks in public places. The order has been passed to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

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