Trinka AI Review: Is Trinka the Best Choice?

Trinka is an online grammar checker and language correction AI tool for academic and technical writing. Trinka finds difficult errors unique to academic writing that other grammar checker tools don’t. From advanced English grammar errors to scientific tone and style, Trinka checks it all!


What is Trinka?

Trinka is a simple yet powerful English grammar checker and the brainchild of a team of graduate students from McGill University. Trinka scans the original text of your document, considers what word order the author used and develops an overall sentence style. With its understanding of natural language, it provides you with highly advanced linguistic insights to improve your writing. With a platform built on intelligent technologies and AI, you can start and finish your text with the writing style that you want, and have it go through the automated translation and proofreading. Is Trinka the Best Choice? From the highly specialized systems that perform a complicated level of automation, Trinka is one of the first AI grammar checkers that helps writers stay on track with their writing.

Trinka’s Grammar Checking

Trinka looks for hard-to-spot mistakes in language like grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also checks for frequently confused and confusing concepts, but the program can be quite slow to find words and phrases that you type in manually. Trinka’s Spelling Check Trinka also checks your spelling. It’s on par with most popular spell checkers, and uses a grid system, rather than word definitions, to tell you if your words are spelled correctly. Answering “Yes” or “No” on most spelling questions will usually produce a suggestion about ways you could improve your spelling. Trinka’s SEO Check As a learning tool, Trinka SEO also checks for your language and spelling. It’s pretty basic, but it will give you suggestions on improving your skills.

Trinka’s Contextual Checker

The Contextual Checker sets up a quick context with the word you type. For example, if you type “an essential property of all Turing machines is that they are capable of computing any problem without exceptions”, you’ll get a quick explanation of what you’re typing and why it’s wrong. Say I make a spelling mistake. Say “mistake” means to make a mistake. But you mean to say “mismatch”. Well, Trinka will tell you what “mistake” means. It will explain what you meant and why you were wrong. However, sometimes, it gets it wrong. It may misread your work, and there’s nothing Trinka can do about that. But it can at least make you aware of your mistake. Depending on what the context of your text says, Trinka will respond in a funny, sarcastic, or friendly way.

Trinka’s Advanced Features

Trinka supports many advanced features and settings that will help you write with confidence. Emphasize starts with bold print to help readers visualize your text. You can even have the emphasis adjust with the color of your text! You can set phrases to bold, italicize, or underline, and Trinka will automatically detect the change and adjust for you. All Trinka actions are controlled by the keys below: Comma/Period combo: CTRL/CMD+U Caret : CTRL/CMD+C Comma/Period combo: CTRL/CMD+N Minus/Plus : CTRL/CMD+D Sidebar: CTRL/CMD+B TIP: Create your own favorite word lists or check out the Universal Words feature! Auto-correction: CTRL/CMD+O This feature uses artificial intelligence to recognize and correct your errors.

How to Sign Up:

  1. Register an account by Clicking on Sign Up (It is Free to Sign Up)


Now, who wouldn’t love to have an easy and free grammar checker that also improves writing and editing? As an academic or technical writer, I really appreciate Trinka’s advanced grammar checker. When it comes to technical or academic writing, I find that many tools miss key elements of grammar and spelling. With the ever increasing quality and quantity of research papers and technical reports, the need to make a good impression is vital. Writing an impressive research report should be taken very seriously. While most other grammar checkers miss key elements of grammar and spelling, Trinka seems to do a better job. It’s a simple tool with a lot of power. Trinka has replaced Grammarly, Pronoun Master, and numerous others.

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