What is SimilarWeb: How to Use It and Why You Should Care

What is SimilarWeb: SimilarWeb is a Market Intelligence solution, which allows Digital Marketing Or Website professionals to analyze a market and its players. It currently analyses more than 3 million mobile applications and 80 million websites.

Introduction to What is SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a company which tracks websites and applications and decides the competitive power for the brands. The Business Unit consists of three major products – a Product, a Client and an Expert. The Product is SimilarWeb Platform which allows you to track your competitors. This helps you to discover new opportunities and competitors which would help you to launch new products. Moreover, you can use it to improve the business and strategy. The Client segment offers similar reports for big companies and consultancies. The Expert part is for technical and development purposes. It enables you to perform a deep analysis of any web based service to find out its market trends, business characteristics and the possibility to improve the product.

How to use SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb provides its services to its clients on demand and without extra charge. The platform makes use of mobile application install, social activity, and website visit data to analyse market performance and identify emerging trends in a certain area. This allows marketers to maintain a competitive edge over their rivals and understand the best strategies in the marketplace. What makes SimilarWeb a powerful tool for marketing professionals is that it enables them to uncover the key performance indicators and see where their market stands and its potential. The platform’s analytics software helps companies make informed decisions and understand their true needs and competencies.

Why you should care about SimilarWeb

Due to this close access to client data, SimilarWeb has become one of the most important tool when it comes to understanding different market dynamics. It’s especially useful for web design and digital marketing professionals that have to analyze their client’s market in order to develop their campaigns. It is the perfect tool for them to learn about the customers’ behaviors and which platform are their target audience using. More than that, SimilarWeb shows you the unique audience features of your website and lets you easily analyze what you’re doing right or wrong. This means, if you have an app or website, it helps you target them by analyzing traffic. If you want to learn more about what SimilarWeb can do for you, then follow this link to find out more about this brilliant tool.

How is SimilarWeb different from other tools?

The differentiating factor about SimilarWeb is that it combines actionable, on-page metrics with platform-based analysis and attribution. What other tools do is report the similar metrics, but with big market players missing. With SimilarWeb, both point of view are available, making it more difficult for “green” marketing agencies to manage their clients’ analytics and digital marketing. With SimilarWeb you can create custom dashboards and widgets, and most important, you can analyze the data in real-time. Even more interesting is that with its recent partnership with Google Analytics, SimilarWeb created one of the largest and most complete outbound marketing analytics solutions in the world. So, what are SimilarWeb’s biggest features and benefits? Let’s look at some of them.

What can I do with SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb gives the digital marketing professionals insights about the size, demographic distribution, and geographical concentration of the current market and its potential. This type of information is needed by companies to plan strategically for growth, so it is vital to understand the local market in your city. For example, with the information from SimilarWeb, developers of an app can assess the current market size and the local demographics for users. Further, SimilarWeb also gathers basic information about the website of a website, and provides a benchmark against the current market size, demographic distribution, and geographical concentration. Can I use SimilarWeb on my own website?


There is a clear trend in the social media landscape that social media marketing is increasing its level of complexity. Social media professionals should keep this in mind and become more skilled at analyzing its multiple and dynamic players and finding the right tools to support their online marketing efforts.

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  1. What makes SimilarWeb a powerful tool for marketing professionals is that it enables them to uncover the key performance indicators and see where their market stands and its potential.

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